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The Best-Smelling Christmas Tree Is…

Size didn’t matter. Performance? Somewhat important… but not as important as the deciding factor in picking out the ultimate Christmas tree: the smell.

Yes, the joy a tree brought to my olfactory senses was the number one decision-making factor in picking a Christmas tree this year. I’m sure other patrons thought I was koo-koo for going around the tree farm and burying my nose in various branches. But hey, I’ve earned the right to be eccentric. I am an actor in Hollyweird after all.

When I was little, I looked forward to presents from Santa. Now, I look forward to the smells of Christmas: the pine, the peppermint bark, the sugar cookies. It’s the reason I’ll drop $28 on a Balsam & Cedar Yankee Candle every December (ok, more like several Yankee Candles every December) (also apparently I should be buying these from Amazon and not Bed, Bath and Beyond because I just looked at that Amazon link and it’s only $16.49. Well then.)

Last year, Steve and I nabbed a tree from the lot up the street that was the best size for our home. This year, though, gosh darn it I was going for a tree that smelled amazing.

O Christmas trees, O Christmas trees, which one of you smells the bestest?

We skipped the lot up the street this year and drove a little further out to Christmas Ranch Tree Farms, where we thought we’d be able to chop down our own tree (my family did this every year growing up in Connecticut, and it was always super fun… unless there was a blizzard. Then it was super fun and super cold). But when we got there and explored the trees that were still growing out of the ground, we found a selection that was less than stellar. So we just took a nice stroll through them all and then went back to the farm tent, where they had every breed of pre-chopped Christmas tree one could want. And smell.

Noble Fir? Couldn’t detect a strong-enough scent. Aleppo Pine? There might’ve been a hint of something there. Frasier Fir? That was a little sweet and fruity. Now we were getting closer. Grand Fir? AH-HA! There it was! The quintessential, pine-y, Christmas tree scent. We’ll take this one, please.

Bonus: It was about as tall as me; just perfect for our living room.

We brought that thing home, stuck it in its stand, and are now basking in all its lit-up, scented glory. Photos of how we decorated it are coming soon.

Merry holidays, y’all! And just for fun, here’s my outfit:

Chunky turtleneck sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch (yes, really)

Ripped Jeans: Nordstrom Rack

Shoes: Sam Edelman, found at Nordstrom Rack

Mini Backpack: A MiniBe by Ju-Ju-Be x Hello Kitty


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