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September Fresh

My internal “New Year’s” is always set to September. It’s the only month of the year that I re-prioritize my day, set new personal and professional goals, and start making lists. Lists for everything! New books I want to read, new clothes to add to my wardrobe, new places I want to visit. Something about September says “endless possibilities.”

Of course, this freshness is leftover from my school days. When I was a kid growing up in Connecticut, nothing felt as new as another academic year in a new school or with different teachers. The difference between August (long, lazy, humid pool days) and September (structured, bustling school days) felt so extreme compared to December’s days (cold and dark) and January’s days (even colder and darker). To this day, January 1st is for changing the date. The day after Labor Day is for changing your life.

Oh sure, I always try to hold onto summer’s last gasp, especially now that I live in Los Angeles. The beach still beckons, the temps still accommodate cut-off jeans and tees, and the sun still sets just after 7pm. But… it’s not the same. The air smells different. The energy of the city feels different. Daylight Savings and lower temperatures are looming.

Man, I miss going to school. I was telling Steve this weekend that part of me wishes I could be a full-time academic, where responsibilities include going to classes, researching and publishing papers. Of course, my career is pretty sweet, but you know, the grass is always greener…

There have been a few years where I’ve signed up for “continuing education” classes at UCLA to indulge my nerd brain. This isn’t one of those years. But, that hasn’t stopped me from indulging in my obsession with new school supplies, backpacks, and the most versatile skirt I own: a high-waisted, pleated black one that I’ve had for years.

Ju-Ju-Be sent me their newest fall print, “Sweet Scarlett,” in their BRB style, and I’ve been running around LA with it all weekend. It came with me to Jazz Night at LACMA, to the Echo Park Lake and to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. The colors and pattern are fall-perfect. It’s available beginning Tuesday, Sept 13th at select retailers and Shop Ju-Ju-Be online. In these photos, I’m wearing the aforementioned black skirt (Zac Posen for Target) and a J. Crew top. And yes, I’m aware that I look a little bit like a kid going back to school. Hey, ‘tis the season.





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